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Easy Steps to create Mask Animation in Photoshop

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Apr 28th 2009#197423 Report
Member since: Apr 28th 2009
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Step 1:

Open a file with following settings.

Step 2:

Select Type tool and write MASKING in #ffcb05 color. Create a new layer, name it Circle, select elliptical marquee from tool Box , choose Fill pixels from property bar and draw an circular shape over M in red color.

Step 3:

Select Circle layer and press Ctrl+ALt+G to create clipping mask,

Step 4:

Go to window menu bar and open Animation window.

Step 5:

Now in Animation window click "Duplicate selected frames" icon twice while Frame 1 is selected. It will create 2 more frames. Now total number of frames are 3. go to Frame 2 and drag red circle over letter G

Step 6

Select Frame 1 click "Tween animation frames" icon, select Frame to Add =5.

Step 7:

Now we have total 8 frames. Select Frame 7 and apply tweening again with same settings.

Here is the Final Result.

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Jul 7th 2009#198000 Report
Member since: Jul 2nd 2009
Posts: 11
oh great!! its really nice to have some wonderful way of learning photoshop..
actually i m a newcomer in the photoshop world and want to learn new things..i have also read some tutorials on photoshop.
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Sep 3rd 2009#198580 Report
Member since: Sep 3rd 2009
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Studied a great and simple
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Apr 22nd 2010#198836 Report
Member since: Apr 22nd 2010
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that is very goog and iam copy it to my site
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