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mass thank you ;)

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May 20th 2002#49070 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
Well I'll just do this here instead of making like 15 posts.

First off I really appreciate this sort of response. "ALL" of you guys have done some great work.

Please, please, don't feel bad if I didn't pick one of yours. Keep submitting more if you want to. I'm trying to get a good variety and some different looks. You don't have to use the logo. If you want to, go for it but don't feel like you have to. I already have a couple with a very straight forward logo look. So, I probably won't pick anymore with just a logo and text. Biggest thing is be creative. For example (not to pick on anyone ) look at MBB's submission. It was different, yet creative and cool. The only thing I do want is the "teamphotoshop" text somewhere in the graphic. Just so people are not shocked and think they are on the wrong site ;) Some of the ones I didn't pick "are" good so don't feel bad. Keep them coming.

Just a clue. I am editing the "subject" of the posts to help me keep this somewhat organized. If you see a ~ at the end of your post title that means I have checked it out but have not uploaded it. If you see a - at the end of your subject that means I have checked it out and it is up and running. If you see nothing, I have not checked it out yet.

This is a great forum. Not because of the site but because of the people we have here. Sounds corny but it's just a fact. So thanks again to all of you and keep them coming! Nice work guys...
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May 21st 2002#49098 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1452
*blushes like a little schoolgirl*

But seriously. Thank you for creating the place for us to come. I've been around since Pankpages, and have watched TeamPS be born and grow, and it's been cool to watch.
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May 21st 2002#49230 Report
Member since: Apr 13th 2001
Posts: 956're welcome... (wishes for a free TPS t-shirt)
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