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gif converting

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Jun 4th 2003#106682 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
how do i make a moving gif picture?
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Jun 11th 2003#107905 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
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Making an animated GIF is simple. You have to think of your animation in terms of individual "frames." When the frames are viewed in quick succession, the combination of images mimics actual movement.
One way to make an animated GIF is to make all the frames you'll need, putting each frame on it's own layer in Photoshop. Then, when you're ready to animate, click on the icon on the very bottom-right of the toolbar (Photoshop 5.5 or later). This will open the image in Adobe ImageReady.
If you're not seeing it already, view the Animation Palette and the Layers Palette. The first frame on the Animation Palette is automatically created on the left side. Close all layers except the layer you want viewed in the first frame. You can select the interval of time you want the frame viewed by clicking on the pop-up menu beneath the frame.
Then, to create the second frame, click the icon at the bottom of the Animation Palette that looks like a piece of paper with one corner turned down. It duplicates your first frame by default, but now turn off all layers except the one you want viewed second. Again, you can select the time the frame will be viewed. In most cases, I'd select a very low amount, something like 0.2 seconds.
To create more frames, just repeat the steps in the last paragraph. When you're done, you can get an idea of how the animation will look by clicking the Play button on the animation palette. But to save it as an animated GIF, make sure the Optimization Palette is set for .gif and choose File: Save Optimized As...
That's it. Now the animation can be viewed by web browsers.
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