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Arcing a layer like the warping text tool...?

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Nov 8th 2002#77540 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
Hi there

I was wondering how to arc a layer like when you arc a text? Transforming a layer with skew, distort or perspective dosen't get me where I want... Help please...

I might help to tell you what I'm working on: it's the area betwean earth's athmosphere and space, and I want to bend it so you understand that your are on your way out into space...
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Nov 15th 2002#78546 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
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Hey, I've got a quick, kind of half-assed way to do this easily. Use Filter: Distort: Shear... That will do just what you need. The weird thing is, Shear only curves the image on the horizontal axis, so you'l have to rotate your image (or the layer) 90 degrees CW first. Then apply Shear. You click on the vertical line in the 4x4 grid and slide it to the right or left to curve your layer. When you've got what you need, just rotate your image back the way you need it.
I'm sure there's several other ways to do this- it all depends on the project. If I needed to do something like this, I'd also consider distorting the image by using a displacement map (I wrote a couple of tutorials about that- look for them); or I might try the liquify filter.
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