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Ps 7

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Nov 2nd 2002#76551 Report
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I'm taking an online course in Photoshop 7. The directions tell me to probe the lightest and the darkest spots in the image with shape, drawing and detail to set the 3% highlight and the 95% shadow? Help? I cannot get the Info box to show the before and the after adjustments. something is wrong and I don't know what it is? Do I use the eyedropper tools? How?
His explanation did no good whatsoever.
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Nov 16th 2002#78614 Report
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Damn those Online Courses!
Anyway, I think the point of what you're doing is to fix an image that has poor value contrast. It may be too light, or too dark, or much in the middle range. Try this technique for correcting an image's contrast:
Choose Image: Adjust: Levels...
In that dialog, you'll see a large rectangular area with a lot of vertical spikes. This is called a histogram and it represents all the values of your image. Lighter values are on the right, darker ones on the left. There are three triangles underneath. Slide the middle one (the gray one) all the way to the right and your image will become very dark. Only the lightest values will remain (if everything is black, back off a little). Anyway, this exercise has shown you where the lightest areas of your image are. Now you can set that "highlight" you wanted. Down in the lower left are those eyedroppers. There's one for white, gray, and black. Click the White one and click in that portion of the image that you found out was the lightest. You've just set the White Point for you image.
Now repeat the process to set the Black Point. This time slide the gray triangle toward the left until you see where the darkest pixels of your image are. Then use the Black eyedropper to set the Black point for your image. Now your image will be in full contrast.
There are many other ways to do this. I personally prefer just using the sliding triangles and clicking OK when the image looks good to me.
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