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Jun 26th 2002#55298 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
I have to work quick, therefore I use every shortcut I can get my hands on. Mostly using the Rubber Stamp/Clone tool, I change opacity a lot, using the number pad on my keyboard. On Photoshop 7, however, there's no shortcut to control the "flow" (which I find uneccessary). This forces me to manually change it any time I need to change my opacity.
Is there any way around even using the "flow" control? What about a shortcut?

A "happy with 6" Photoshop user
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Jun 28th 2002#55641 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
Posts: 49
Good News! There is a shortcut and it's easy to remember. Like me, you are used to using the number keys to control the amount of Opacity for any paint tools. To control the Flow rate (how quickly paint is applied), simply hold down the Shift Key and then type a number. It works in the same way as Opacity. (BTW, for some reason, these shortcuts are reversed when you're using the airbrush tool.)
As for completely circumventing the control, I don't know of a way (yet). Just find a Flow rate you're comfortable with, and leave it set there.
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Jul 28th 2003#115373 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
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