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Light saber effects

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May 20th 2002#49047 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh
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Jul 3rd 2002#56377 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
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Those are two questions. First, yes you can easily cut an image from a picture and put it in another. You can use the freehand lasso or any number of tools to select it. But if it's a light saber you're grabbing, it's not going to be easy. Sabers have a glow around them, and you won't just be able to select the saber colored glow very well. You'll also get colors from it's background. If your other image has the same background, great.
If not, you'll get a much better blade effect if you create your own in Photoshop and put that in your photo. I wrote a tutorial about just this dilemma. It's called Create a Light Saber Blade . That will answer your first question. Check it out and see which idea sounds better.
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