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Apr 4th 2002#39208 Report
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Apr 7th 2002#40113 Report
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With Image: Image Size... you can alter the size of your file but you've got to know what the options do, or you'll change how your image looks. Under Document Size: the Width: and Height: control the actual physical size of the image (what measurements it would have if you printed it out). Resolution: controls how many pixels are packed into the width and height, so generally the higher the resolution is, the better the image will look when printing.
Your problem may be that you've got Constrain Proportions unchecked, so that when you're typing new variables into the Width: or the Height: the image's proportions aren't automatically adjusting. What results is an image distortion, probably looking like it's been stretched one way or the other.
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Nov 17th 2002#78748 Report
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