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masking text?

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Mar 20th 2002#36691 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
ok...i have some text i would like to american flag into...its been awhile since ive tried not quite sure how to do it....any help would be most appreciated

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Apr 8th 2002#40241 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
Posts: 49
Make your text layer. Then paste your flag image above the text and scale as needed (so it covers the text). Then Command/Control-click on the text layer (in the Layers Palette). This loads a selection of the text (but your still on the flag layer). Then click the Add a layer mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette (it's the 2nd from the left). That will mask all areas of the flag image except where the text is.
That's it! Now you can see your flag "through' the text.
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