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Jan 29th 2002#28800 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
Hi Mr Photoshop,

was curious if there was a way you can make a 1 layer image into multiple layers. This is so I can change wording on the logo with out messing up the background. Our Company logo was created by an outside vender and i need to change a word due to a change in the company logo.

Thanks Jeff
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Mar 2nd 2002#33871 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
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Unfortunately if the image is only on "one" layer that means it has been flattened. The only way to do the sort of modifying you asked about would be a lot of work. You would have to very carefully select the text choosing from a number of different techniques (see the tutorials/tools section of this site). Once you have the text (only) selected you could copy and paste it into a new layer above the background. Then you would have to stamp or clone the background to either remove all of the text or just the part you are removing. It would be a lot of work but the only way to do it on a single layered file. Always save at least one backup of multi-layered file just for this reason and ask your designer to do the same
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