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removing a background color

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Dec 16th 2001#23594 Report
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I really do like your web site its excellent the content and graphics.
I am totally new to image editing... I have and use adobe photoshop 6 and corel knockout 1.5 for windows. I prefer to cut out images using corel knock out, when i try to import or open the images that i cut out i can not get rid of the black or white background behind the image...
I tried removing the white/balck matte under layers but i still cant do it.. I save the files as psd, ras and i tried basically nearly all the type. Can u please help me to remove the background color so that i can add my final effects in photoshop?
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Dec 16th 2001#23595 Report
Member since: Nov 25th 2000
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I don't know anything about Corel Knockout, but it sounds like you're opening the images in Photoshop, and the area you want to be transparent is white or black. I'd see if the Corel app. lets you save your image in another file format that will keep the transparency. If that's not an option, I'd copy & paste everything on an upper layer so we can get back the transparency. Then I'd get rid of the Black or White unwanted areas by one of these methods:

Magic Eraser - lets you delete areas of contiguous color see my tutorial,
Using the Magic Eraser

Magic Wand - lets you select areas of contiguous color see my tutorial,
Making Selections: Wielding the Magic Wand

Select: Color Range - lets you select all areas in a range of color simultaneously see my tutorial,
Making Selections: Using the Color Range Command
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