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Naming Layers

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Nov 26th 2001#21477 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
Hey- I hust got Version 6. Awsome! But when I double click a layer to re-name it, I get the Styles box. What happened to naming layers?
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Nov 26th 2001#21478 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
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Mr. Wishbone,
Man, I missed this feature. If you don't name your layers, they get the ambiguous default name of Layer 1, 2, etc.. I was so used to double clicking on the layer in the layers palette to give it a name, that when I got 6.0, I must have done this 20 times out of habit before I got used to choosing Layer Properties... from the Layers Palette command menu. The old double click now presents you with the Layer Style Dialog (formerly Layer Effects). It took me a couple of months to find the shortcut. It was irritating to have to always go to the menu & drag down to Layer Properties...
Just hold down the Alt/Option key and double click as you used to. That automatically brings up the dialog box you need to rename the layer. Or, in windows you can just "right" click and choose Layer Properties.
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