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See through plastic

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Nov 14th 2002#78351 Report
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Nov 15th 2002#78541 Report
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It really depends what you want to see through the text. But the first thing I thought of was the Plastic Wrap Filter. To make one image, I made my text (in this case, simply the color red; but you could fill the text with whatever you want- an image, a gradient, etc.). Then I rasterized the text ( a command located in the Layer Menu- it may be called "render type"depending on what version of PS you use). Then I duplicated that layer and applied the Filter: Artistic: Plastic Wrap... to the duplicated layer (which was on top). My settings were Highlight Strength = 19; Detail = 11; Smoothness = 15; but those settings will vary depending on the size & resolution of your text. You should play around with all three and see the results in the preview window. Finally, I lowered the opacity of my plastic-wrapped layer so the original showed through somewhat.
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Jul 4th 2003#111549 Report
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