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any tips of getting rid of 5 o'clock shadow?

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Nov 5th 2002#77075 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
any tips of getting rid of 5 o'clock shadow?
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Nov 16th 2002#78608 Report
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Without a doubt, the first tool I'd look at would be Photoshop 7.0's Healing Brush Tool. It functions a lot like the the Rubber Stamp Tool, and here's what you do: Find part of the skin that is free of those offending hairs. Hold down the Option/Alt key and click there. Then move the Healing Brush over the stubble and start "painting". The brush mixes the good pixels with the bad area, and does a pretty good job of getting rid of most problems.
If you don't have 7.0, I'd go to the Rubber Stamp. It's not as idiot-friendly as the Healing Tool. You'll have to be a bit more artistic.
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Jul 4th 2003#111550 Report
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