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alpha channels 3dsmax

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Jan 17th 2002#27343 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
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alright using 3ds max 3, heard about alpha channels from reading 4x4 chaos by friends of ed (good book btw). I set the file to save as a png, and check the alpha channel. after it renders and i open up the image in PS, u see teh outline of teh shape filled in with red,green,blue,and white noise. why? is that how you save with an alpha channel or i'm doing it wrong?

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Jan 21st 2002#27768 Report
Member since: Jan 8th 2002
Posts: 24
if you want an alpha channel save it as a tif
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Feb 23rd 2009#196400 Report
Member since: Feb 23rd 2009
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I used photoshop CS3 to make the png file and I use 3dS max 2009 edition.

1.Create a transparent texture or whatever you want.

2.Select ‘Save for Web & Devices’ under ‘File’

3.Select ‘PNG-128 Dithered’ preset.

4.Tick ‘Transparency’ if it is unticked

5. ‘Specify the dither algorithm’ by choosing ‘Noise Transparency Dither’.

6. Dont not change if you find ‘PNG-8′ anywhere and leave rest of the default settings as it is.

7. Save and export it to 3ds Max material editor.

a.Choose “maps”

b.Click the “none” button next to “diffuse color”

c.Select “bitmap” and choose your png file

d.Go back to the material editor.

e.Click the “none” button next to “opacity”

f.Select “bitmap” and choose the same png file

g.Switch “mono channel output” to “alpha” (in “bitmap parameters”)

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Apr 6th 2011#204298 Report
Member since: Apr 6th 2011
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I'm really struggling with this problem. I've looked all over the web for a solution, and nothings helping me.

I've created an image for a 3ds max material that is part opague and part transparent. When i render in 3ds max, the transparent areas are see-through, but the opague areas are invisible! I've done all the things that allanella wrote down, but I'm still having the same problem. Can anyone hlep me out here?
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