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Jan 7th 2002#26165 Report
Member since: Jan 3rd 2002
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I got a question, does anyone know any good flash tutorials for flash 5, I've gone through the ones that come with it and they are very helpfull but dont cover everything I need to know, Im not trying to be a flash expert, my only purpose for using it is to make some animated buttons and Theres a lot about animation and some of the tools for it I was confused with, also I dont know how to put together a animated button, I'm extremely new to this as well as photoshop but Im learnig quickluy with photoshop and cant figure a damn thing out with flash. Pleez, if you know of a very GOOD tutorial for flash 5 that covers all the tools and can explain how to make a animated button, post it.

Everything I find in search engins is for older flash, or is complicated as hell.
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Jan 7th 2002#26167 Report
Member since: Nov 8th 2001
Posts: 204 is a great source for tuts for flash 5. They have all kind of tuts for Flash. They have some great tuts for beginners. I would also recommended for you to pick up a few books at your local book store or

Hope these sources will help you in your learning flash.
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