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"WYSIWYG" in Frontpage

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Dec 16th 2001#23584 Report
Member since: Dec 11th 2001
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when you open frontpage and start using the WYSIWYG format, in the top right hand corner of my screen i see that there is a icon for "bring forward". When i click it, i am able to move the picture to any where i want with out using the tables and such. what i want to know is, that when you preview it, you actually have to off set everything for them to look right. Is this form of drag and drop not recommended and will it mess things up doing it this way? i find it really easy to do but dont know if it will mess me up anywhere.

thnx in advanced.
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Dec 21st 2001#24287 Report
Member since: Apr 19th 2001
Posts: 36
i think the best way to place you img is useing table.
Not layer
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