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3ds max shiny material

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Dec 5th 2001#22358 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
Posts: 180
Once again, i'm new to 3ds max. Could someone help tell how to make the material really shiny and reflective like we've all seen a million times. I can't seem to figure it out. Thanx for any help.
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Dec 5th 2001#22362 Report
Member since: Dec 4th 2001
Posts: 13
This is for metallic text, but the effect should help:

This one is making a spoon, but it is reflective:

You might also look through some other tutorials at
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Dec 7th 2001#22684 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
Posts: 180
hey thnx, seems like using the raytrace map for the reflection is the way to do it, I'll try that out.
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Dec 19th 2001#23935 Report
Member since: May 9th 2001
Posts: 399
When you get into the materials window...Click on Raytracing......Set the Reflectivity to White..(which is 100 percent reflective)...I find setting the diffuse to black also helps..You should definetely have a cool reflection map as well...Under the raytracing rollout there is a tab for Environment.(Not the "rendering" environment). Put a cool sky .bmp in there and the object you apply the material to will reflect it...Lighting is very important to make things really shine too.... I try to put three differently angle SPOT lights onto the object with shadows "ON". It's alot of trial and error....
good luck,

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Dec 20th 2001#24071 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
Posts: 180
hey, thnx for the tips xr650lvr, i'm gonna try that :D
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Dec 30th 2008#187874 Report
Member since: Dec 28th 2008
Posts: 1
How can I take a scene created in 3D Studio Max 8 and work on it in 3D Studio Max 9? I want to keep my Materials and I want to be able to go back and forth between the two programs. (One is used on campus, the other here at home) Is there anything I can do to accomplish this?
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