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Biceps-Simple Request

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Jan 31st 2009#188329 Report
Member since: Jan 31st 2009
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Hello people!
My fitness-teacher made a picture of himself where his biceps are pushed against a bench so they look big. He said the picture was spontanuously taken and that he didnt push his biceps against the bench on purpose. Now at the gym we're always making fun of him in that picture and then he always said that we're just jealous. Now, a friend of mine and me made a picture of each other with OUR biceps pushed against a bench and I wanted to edit it on my computer and make it huge(even that u see it's fake) and then later I wanted to post it to his site(hyves) just for fun. Just to make him laugh and see his reaction. The problem now is: I can't edit it enough properly to make it look very huge and cool and funny at the same time. So I request someone to just edit these 2 pictures for me and make huge biceps on it(doesn't matter if it looks fake or almost fake or even not fake)
Sorry for my english. The one who makes a nice edit on these pictures, the way I want it, will be rewarded with some cash on pokerstars(like $20) if you wish to...
Thanks in advance!
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Feb 28th 2009#196601 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2009
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It looks like you are too much obsessed with the body building aspects, though this is not something to which I am interested in but I love to see the passion in the eyes of others. At least getting involved to something that would ultimately do good for our health is far more reasonable.
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