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matching a reflection with source image

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Aug 31st 2007#178063 Report
Member since: Aug 31st 2007
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Can anyone help please

My pictures aren’t straight along the bottom edges and this is giving me problems to match up the reflection with its source. What I want is for all bottom edges of the source picture to touch their corresponding bottom edge of the reflected picture. I want the picture to come out like

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Sep 20th 2007#178216 Report
Member since: Sep 20th 2007
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Some examples of how to get clean edges.

1. Free transform with perspective checked and see if that helps.

2. If the bottom of the picture is white or solid color then put a blank layer above the picture. Use the rectangaular tool to highlight the area that needs to be straighten, then use the eye dropper to obtain the right color and paint in with the color of the selected area.

3. Use Free transform and click scale then pull the picture down until the uneven part disappears (assuming nothing is cropped out that affects the picture).

4. Use Free Transform and click on rotate then when picture is even use the crop tool to straighten out the edges around the picture.

5. Use the measure tool along the top. Then go to rotate canvas and click on arbituary which will show you the rotation and click yes. Your not stating that your picture is crooked all the way around but this is another way to straighten out a picture. You may have to use crop to even out the overall edges too.
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