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Getting a tablet.

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Jul 7th 2007#177398 Report
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Im sorry if this is in the wrong forum. you can move it if you want

Ive been thinking about getting a wacom tablet. Ive never used these products before and was hoping for some input from you friendly people on what to get. Ive been looking at this tablet.

Its not to expensive here in sweden. I dont want it to cost to much either incase i totaly hate working with a tablet.

A question tho. When i draw on this tablet will it leave an imprint on it so i know where i last where drawing ?

Any input on tablets that are good and your experiance with them would be good. Is it hard to learn ? Now that you learned it can you go back to not using it ?
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Jul 7th 2007#177412 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2005
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I can't comment on tablets, but you may get an insight on what can be done by looking at this thread:
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Jul 8th 2007#177424 Report
Member since: May 23rd 2006
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I would definitely recommend you get one! I've been using one for about a year, and wouldn't be without it. It takes a bit of getting used to but well worth the effort. Mine is a Medion A4 size, I had some issues with the drivers at first, but since that was sorted out I have been quite happy with it. I believe Wacom are the market leaders.

Apart from drawing and painting, it's great for stuff like quick masking, shading, selective blurring, dodging and burning etc. It also makes the Pen Tool much easier to use.

It won't leave an imprint to show where you've last drawn. It's totally different to drawing with paper and pen, you watch the screen all the time rather than looking down at the paper. (My tablet has a transparent overlay that you can slide a picture under if you want to trace it, though I don't know if most of them have this)

You can go back to using a mouse once you've learned to use a tablet, but I don't believe you'll want to! In fact, there are things you can do quicker with a mouse (eg opening menus and navigating dialog boxes) so you will probably find you use your tablet side by side with the mouse, as I do.

Best of luck!
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