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Someone help me with this simple problem!

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Mar 21st 2007#176586 Report
Member since: Feb 1st 2007
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My indoor shots are getting so many shadows. Im getting really upset about it. I have lighting but I dont exactly know what I should be doing different. Is there a specific way I should set up the lighting? I see so many pictures and they are flawless simply because they have no shadows. I know its possible.Someone Help me!
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Mar 22nd 2007#176589 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
Posts: 2544

Just make sure your subject isn't too close to the wall, bounce your flash off of the ceiling... Set up your lighting and use diffusors. And maybe take two steps from your subject.

You could always use the shadows to your advantage.
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Mar 25th 2007#176611 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2007
Posts: 1
in photoshop, just use render lightings, it makes a good sense of lighting simulation
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Apr 30th 2007#176867 Report
Member since: Aug 21st 2005
Posts: 50
Top Menu Bar > Image > Adjustments > Exposure

Hope it helps
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