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3d Tentacles

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Sep 2nd 2001#15188 Report
Member since: Aug 29th 2001
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I saw a post in one of the graphic forums, about how to get the neat effect of tentacles in Photoshop. Many responses were, "They used a 3D program.". Well, I have 3D Studio Max, and I still have not come across an easy way to do this. Does anyone know any good, tutorials on this effect?
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Sep 8th 2001#15703 Report
Member since: Aug 8th 2001
Posts: 13
This is how I'd do it. As always, there may be a better/easier way. First create a spline. Choose Line and in the Creation Method roll-out, choose Initial Type "Smooth" and Dray Type "Bezier". Then draw your curved line. After you've created this spline, create a Circle (located underneath the Line option). Draw a small circle somwhere in the view port. Next, select your curved line and under the Geometry tab, choose Loft. Under Creation Method in the roll-out, choose Get Shape. Move your pointer over the circle you drew and when your pointer turns to a cross, right click. Now your curved line is shaped like a curved tube. Go to your Modifier list and choose Taper. Under Taper Axis, choose X as the Primary. Then adjust the taper amount to whatever you want. Sounds kind of complicated but it's not really.
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