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Image quality

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May 27th 2006#173012 Report
Member since: May 27th 2006
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I'm using a Coolpix 8800 and I am increasingly disatisfied with the results. Very few of the images that I take with this camera appear to me to be properly in focus. They seem to have a sort of soft focus effect.

This sort of chimes with a review I read recently in a magazine which gave it very poor ratings for the autofocus.

I am also not sure if I am expecting too much from it? Many images seem fine when viewed as fitted to screen or print size (viewing on LCD montior 1280/1024 screen resolution) but it's when viewing actual pixels that what I think is the poor results of autofocus are shown. Is something like screen resolution introducing an effect here that is illusory?

I have been toying with the idea of an SLR for some time becuase I do not like not having control of the focus. All that has been holding me back are reports of problems with static and dust on the sensor and how difficult it is to clean.
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May 28th 2006#173028 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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well, without having seen your prints or images it's hard to say, but does it really matter if your fully zoomed in image looks blurry as long as the printed or resized version looks good?

that being said, i'm not entirely following your concerns on a digital SLR but considering they're used professionally almost everywhere now i'd say there's not much to worry about. you could also do some research and find a non-SLR camera with strong autofocus if that fits your needs better.
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Jun 15th 2006#173449 Report
Member since: Feb 24th 2005
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I can only echo what Fig said.

I will add though that for cameras under $300 US the "Canon PowerShot S2 IS" is the finest camera I've ever owned. 12x Optical zoom ROCKS on a digi camera!

Anyway, if an SLR is what you want they are great cameras and for the money I suggest the EOS 20D. Its about $1000 US and its a great camera.
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