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inserting flash movie with dreamweaver

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Mar 27th 2001#692 Report
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let me preface this post by saying that i am new to dreamweaver and am using version4, and have only a very basic understanding of code.

i have a full page flash movie 795x482 that i want to play first thing when the user comes to my site- it is a full page animation against a white background. after the movie plays once, i'd like to have the flash movie disappear and an html page i created in dreamweaver appear in it's place.

how do i go about doing this- it is not simply inserting the flash movie into my existing hmtl document page because the dw default for insertion is i think at 8x10 pixels but i'd like the flash movie to fill the whole screen going all the way to the edges- my flash movie and html page dimensions are 795x482.

so how do i make the html page appear after the movie plays and how do i position the flash movie so that it goes all the way to the edges of the screen instead of the dw 8x10 default?


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Mar 27th 2001#702 Report
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Please don't crosspost in more than one forum. Thanks.

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