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Getting started...?

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Jan 31st 2003#88458 Report
Member since: Jan 31st 2003
Posts: 5
Hi all, new guy here on the boards

I'm in the process of designing a rather complex (at least, a big step up for me) website. The problem is being that I don't know how best to start. Do you generally design the whole site in [say] Photoshop then slice it into Dreamweaver? At first I started out in Dreamweaver, creating the graphics as I go however it just doesn't feel like it's going well. Any pointers you guys can offer would be cool
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Feb 1st 2003#88518 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1604
yup, pretty much. i go from paper (random thumbnail sketches, then a little more detailed, eliminating ideas i don't like till i find one i do) to photoshop to dreamweaver. i generally break my ps file into pieces...nav, header, background, etc., then save those out as needed and piece them together in dreamweaver. hope that helps.

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Feb 1st 2003#88550 Report
Member since: Feb 1st 2003
Posts: 29
me too...I usually do the layout / graphics in Photoshos cauz you can do it more freely...and I usually slice them into Dreamweaver, using Tables to make the pics together.
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Feb 1st 2003#88573 Report
Member since: Jan 31st 2003
Posts: 5
Okay, I guess that makes perfect sense. I do draw out my designs beforehand, however I just didn't know the best way to go from paper to actual design. Thanks for the tips guys, appreciate it. This is kindof a step up from what I normally do, hopefully it'll work out good for me
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Mar 1st 2003#93396 Report
Member since: Feb 27th 2003
Posts: 53
When ever i draw a design on paper i try to make it and end up making something totaly different but better because it is alot easier to draw a certain item then it is to make it look good on the web
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