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Dreamweaver/Photoshop Problems

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Nov 23rd 2002#79676 Report
Member since: Nov 26th 2001
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sorry (*looks badly on himself*)
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Nov 23rd 2002#79681 Report
Member since: Sep 9th 2002
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O.K. I tried something on my own..... (*cringes*). I just messed with the formatting of the table in dreamwever and one of the ways lets me use the spacebar. The problem is afterI type in the information and I view it in internet explorer. Here are some screenshots.

Dreamweaver View

Internet Explorer View
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Nov 24th 2002#79690 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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if you put your text in a < pre> tag like that, (preformatted) then it will keep all the spaces and everything exactly the way you type it. If you are trying to do an indent, you can do that in CSS as well (and it won't stick outside of the table like that).

or you could do this... instead of using the < pre> tag, in dreamweaver click on the "characters" tab at the top of the screen. and click the second button from the left. It has a downpointing arrow with a bracket under it. that is the non-breaking space and will let you do an indent like that.
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