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Ok Illustrator newb questions...

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Nov 21st 2002#79374 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
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...First af all I got this far thx to U bogus, thx...geez there's some ****ty tut's out there. Well, anyways, I've done me a logo as requested, the thing isn't nice looking but that was the way the guy wanted it so...

Now I have some issues concerning saving the file. As for the printershop's requests it is no problem, I just save it as eps or ai.
But when saving it as a gif for ins. and as a transparent gif it gives a tiny, tiny white border around it, that sucks...and saving it as a jpg it gives a white background wich is...the gif is not centered in that white background, that sucks...And I have no clue of what to do, no tut's on the subject, the helpfile doesn't give help in this...

One hint is, if I group the 'hole thing, the lightblue marquee sticks out to the left indicating the background border. But if I try to adjust that...the pic naturally gets more narrow, hehe..Feck, it's sometimes not fun beginning with new things...

Anybody ? I would like to know things about the art of saving pic's in Illustrator, both for print and for the web...And isn't there anyway of saving it so I can modify the size, how I want, outside of Illustrator ?

Thx P-man

And the darn ugly one is here
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Nov 21st 2002#79402 Report
Member since: Nov 26th 2001
Posts: 2586
One suggestion is saving it as an .eps That way if a print shop uses maybe a different program from Illustrator, then they wouldnt have a problem opening it. I would keep it vector if you plan on sending it to a print shop. Another thing is try exporting a copy into photoshop and saving it as a gif there? might help, not sure.
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Nov 21st 2002#79413 Report
Member since: Sep 4th 2001
Posts: 1003
When you save for web in Photoshop or Illustrator, its the same thing. The white pixels along the edges of a transparent GIF is the "matte", just make sure you select no matting in the save for web options if you dont want to see those white pixels.

As for what is happening when you save as a JPG and get a big white area around the image, that is because you are working in a work space in Illustrator that is larger than the stuff you created. Best way to get rid of that problem is to create crop marks. Make a rectangle shape around your graphic in illustrator. While the rectangle is selected, go up to the top menus. Go to object>crop marks>make. This will force the file to use the rectangle's dimensions as the image area when saving for web.

Getting unwanted extra space on an image when saving off a pic can also be the result of extra material you unwittingly have in the image. Perhaps a white or transparent shape is sitting somewhere in the background that you haven't noticed. This can also be solved by the crop mark method. But I would just delete everything that I didn't want to show up. I usually find stuff that I don't need by hitting ctrl-a (command-a on a mac, I think) to select everything on the image area. If something shows up selected in an area that is not part of what I want to save, I just select it and delete it.
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Nov 21st 2002#79424 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
Posts: 1564
Originally posted by mrbogus

As for what is happening when you save as a JPG...

Well, thx, guy's. As for the quote above, I realized that I fecked up the text thing, hehe. Instead of moving a li'l bit of text I spacebared it in order to get it where I wanted wich created a loooong thing without anything in it and that part stuck out and did that extra backgroundspace ;/ Some learns slowly...

But I do learn. Two days ago I could just open the proggie up, and now after a few hours of practice I can do certain things...

I do appreciate all the help. You're the best.

Until next problem :D
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Nov 21st 2002#79425 Report
Member since: Nov 14th 2001
Posts: 1297
thanks mr B - I can use that! -

and P-man, it's nice to see someone else taking the dive in to the land of Ill. I have been learning it throughout the year, and now it's all I use for print projects with type, or smaller jobs like business cards and posters.

good luck!
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Nov 21st 2002#79427 Report
Member since: Nov 26th 2001
Posts: 2586
yes, the print result of Illustrator is impeccable =)
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Nov 22nd 2002#79499 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
Posts: 1564
Thx Graph-guy, probably gonna need that
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