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Slide Show.

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Nov 4th 2002#76891 Report
Member since: Oct 31st 2002
Posts: 19
Anyone here knows how to create a slide chow using dreamweaver MX? or any graphics program?

say, if you click on certain text, a window will pop-up and u will see a slide show of your fave photos, just like in windows XP.

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Nov 4th 2002#76897 Report
Member since: Mar 20th 2001
Posts: 3367
Drop by
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Nov 4th 2002#76898 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
Windows XP actually has a built-in slideshow thing for web sites I think. Go to and look thru the windows XP PowerToys. They have lots of cool add-in programs for XP
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Nov 4th 2002#76902 Report
Member since: Oct 31st 2002
Posts: 19
Thanks man! thats exactly what im looking for.
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Nov 4th 2002#76904 Report
Member since: Oct 31st 2002
Posts: 19
again thank you sidez for that awesome site.

ok i dont want the forum to be filled with my name on it so i rather ask this question on my current thread instead.

im currently working on a pop up browser in dreamweaver MX. i want my image to exactly fit on my predefine browser. just like this SITE .

what seems to be my problem:
ive created a link using the behavior on DW MX that when u click on it, a larger image will come out on a new window but unlike the site ive posted, my larger image doesnt sit exactly onto the new window. It has a space on upper and right corner of the new window.

pardon my english. and hope anyone understand what im trying to picture out here.

Thank you.
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Nov 4th 2002#76921 Report
Member since: Nov 26th 2001
Posts: 2586

is a javascript pup-up window generator, and you may need to go to:
modify --> page properties

and set all margins to 0.

Make sure the size of your pop up is the same size as your image.

Your english is fine =)
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Nov 5th 2002#77076 Report
Member since: Oct 31st 2002
Posts: 19
It could be done in Dreamweaver MX . i have more than 10 thumbnails and i dnt want my code to be filled with too much javascript.

what ive did so far:
i already set all my page margin to 0. (modify>page properties) butt still theres a space on upper part of the pop up window. i wonder what seems to be the problem.

anyway, if you want to create a pop up window by clicking a small image, whats the best file to link with, a GIF/JPEG file or a Htm file?

again thanks for your response.
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