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Air Force Effect

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Oct 21st 2002#74648 Report
Member since: Feb 18th 2002
Posts: 47
I am trying to duplicate the effect in the Air Force site.

Air Force Site

The one in the middle that when you roll over the links it enlarge and the other links move down. Really the moving of the other links is the part I am having trouble with.

I am using flash MX. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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Oct 21st 2002#74650 Report
Member since: Jul 17th 2002
Posts: 215
that link doesn't work
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Oct 21st 2002#74651 Report
Member since: Jul 15th 2001
Posts: 2019
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Nov 3rd 2002#76756 Report
Member since: Nov 3rd 2002
Posts: 21
The images are buttons that are inside of movie clips inside of movie clips


On rollover
goto and play root.movieclip

On rollout
goto and play scene1 number 45

apply this to all the buttons
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