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Urgent Help Photoshop PPI

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Mar 24th 2012#215575 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2012
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I made an image and I need to make it into postcards. So after I submitted my image I got a message from them that said that the image is 89 ppi and it needs to be 300 ppi. Please help me.

Here are the details

1. LOW RESOLUTION: The artwork/image(s) are 89 ppi and WILL print blurry or pixelated. Please revise file(s) to include sharp text/image(s) at 300ppi and resubmit artwork.
2. BLEED AND SAFETY: The artwork has partial bleed and has text/image(s) falling outside of our safety requirements that are at risk of being cut into. Please resubmit the file(s) set up to our guidelines: make document size 7.125 x 5.125 inches with the bleed, then bleed the background to the bleed size and move all text/images at least 3/16'' away from the bleed edge.
3. COLOR SHIFT: Artwork had a noticeable color shift when converted to the required CMYK color mode. Please convert artwork to CMYK, adjust colors accordingly, and resubmit the file(s).
Thank you.
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Mar 25th 2012#215589 Report
Member since: Mar 22nd 2012
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Okay, not too much headache.

1. PPI = pixels per inch. They want you to convert the image to 300 PPI, this can be done by pressing CTRL+ALT+I (Image->Image Size). This does nothing to the image, but you should understand that your image should be like 3000x2000 pixels otherwise it won't print well. So you need to make the overall image very LARGE.
2. BLEED & SAFETY: this means that once the postcards are printed they will be cut to size. If you do not move the main content away from the edges you run the risk of cutting some of it off. So they want the total Image size to be 7.125 x 5.125 inches, at 300PPI. if you create a new document you can set all of this. The bleed needs to be 3/16" of space around the perimeter of the image, where you don't care if you loose or keep that content.
3. COLOR SHIFT, go to Image -> Mode and click CMYK. The color should change drastically. This is what they are talking about, they want you to submit artwork in CMYK mode, not RGB mode.

Anyone questions just ask

Good luck
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Mar 26th 2012#215665 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2012
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OK thanks I fixed problems 1 and 3 but I need help on problem #2. Where do i put/change the bleed to 3/16?
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Mar 26th 2012#215666 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2012
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Never mind i found out

Thanks rkrusser for your help
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