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Monotone vs Duotone?

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Mar 17th 2012#215233 Report
Member since: Dec 15th 2008
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I want to create 2 t-shirt designs - 1 using 1 color and the other 2.

For the 1 color, would I use a monotone or duotone?
I always thought the background color counted, so thats why the term DUOtone applied, but now I'm rethinking that.

I found this "duotone" tutorial using thresholds:


Here's the final product:

Is that actually a MONOtone?

Using the Duotone dialog box, I created these...

Does this truly only use 1 color ink?
If the first pic, is also a monotone, is there some other terminology to distinguish between the 2?

Duotone using green & black.
Even though the true green rarely shows, it still only uses 2 inks because the green mixes with the black?

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Mar 17th 2012#215236 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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Just a reference as to what or how many inks are used in a multitone image
Monotone grayscale images printed with a single ink
Duotone grayscale images printed with two inks
Tritone grayscale images printed with three inks
Quadtone grayscale images printed with four ink
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