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Can't enter layer name

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Mar 17th 2012#215230 Report
Member since: Mar 17th 2012
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Having trouble with Photoshop CS4, ever since downloading a "maintenance" app (highly recommended) which wreaked havoc w/ adobe software, for some reason.

Primary problem is can't name layers - can highlight "Layer 2" (example) but when I start typing in a name, keyboard actions turn into keyboard shortcuts so tools start changing, etc - but no layer name unless I go into "Layer Properties", where I can enter it.

Have run DiskWarrior, have repaired permissions, have restarted, etc etc. Any suggestions? Also having same problem with InDesign. iMac os 10.6.8
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Mar 17th 2012#215231 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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"Any suggestions"
DELETE the app
second suggestion is
Reset ps preferences see procedure link How to delete/reset Photoshop preferences
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