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Looking for Tute for fanning pages

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Jan 19th 2012#212327 Report
Member since: Jan 18th 2012
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I have CS5 and have been looking for a tutorial on how to fan out pages. I have looked under playing cards as that is the effect I am looking for without success. Any suggestions?
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Jan 20th 2012#212403 Report
Member since: Sep 11th 2007
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i couldn't really find anything per say..... at least not what i had in mind...
but basically thinking... a card on each layer.... then use arrow key to to move the card on each layer a few pixals....

then select each card and move the pivot point to a spot on the bottomline and transform>rotate and plug in x+5 degreess let say... and and repeat the process for each layer.... now possibly tospeed up the process maybe creating a action.... would help ...

now this tutorial show about triangle (and not rectangle shapes) and moving the pivot point.... however looks at page 4... and your looking at multible triangle and being rotated.... really very similar your project I think I hope it helps....
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Feb 9th 2012#213445 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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Well done jerry
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