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The Elusive Transparent Background

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Jan 19th 2012#212267 Report
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I'm using Photoshop 5.0 (the ancient version) and I'm having trouble making a background transparent. One of the clearest set of instructions I've encountered is this one, from a post by Paladin:

"Now grab the Magic Wand selection tool, make sure Contiguous is checked in the context menu below the menu bar, then click the black background area to select it. Press Delete to delete the black area, which will reveal a gray checkerboard pattern representing the transparent area of the image."

The first problem I encounter is that I can't bring up the context menu. I right click on the image (or the thumbnail in Layers), but I get nothing useful.

Assuming Contiguous is default, I go ahead and select the background area, which works well, then press delete. Nothing happens.

I'm working with a .png file, a black object on a white background. Should be simple enough.
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Jan 19th 2012#212325 Report
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why are you right click the layer thumbnail?

before i get started you may want to look at page 7 on this pdf link... there a little more involve with the magic wand... besides what you mentioned..

what i am going to say is very simlar to the instructions you have..... i am just maybe adding a couple of things..

1. open image
2. i always duplacate the background layer... make it easier if you messup that way you always have the orginal avail.... also to see that checkerboard pattern, you need to have that layer anyway....
note: turn off the orginal back ground layer .. just clcik the eye and the eye go away, indicating that layer is turn off...
3. then with magic wand you just click on the color area you want to select.....pick a tolerance like 20% if that too much or tool little then undo and choose a different value and reselect .... to meet your needs..
4. so you now have your selection, what we sometimes call the dancing ants.. and all you need to do is just hit the delete button and where the deletion takes place you will see the checkboard pattern ...
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