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CS4 To CS5

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Jan 16th 2012#212128 Report
Member since: Jan 16th 2012
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Can I transfer my after-market plug-ins to CS4.

I received a new laptop and CS5 for Christmas. I have CS4 and several plug-ins and actions on my desktop.

My question is: Can I move the plug-ins from CS4 to the CS5 on my laptop without having to renew licenses?
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Jan 17th 2012#212129 Report
Member since: Sep 11th 2007
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I don't understand your first question or is it you meant cs5???

you didn't tell give us a lotof info... ie; what win 7 bit ver on laptop, that will determine your going to install just the 32 bit pscs5 or if if win7 64 bit you can install both cs5 64 bit and cs5 32 bit .....

the short answer is that you shouldn't need to renew.... however............ there some additonal factors you need tobe aware of ...

in general your third pary plugins shareware or freeware, you don't need to renew your lic.... however, and there always howevers.. smiling....

not all plugins that works on older versions of pscs will work with cs5 many do but some don't ... check with the plugin manufacturer if you can.... or that you need to update the plug in also hopefully you do not need to renew... most won't require you...

also, youdidn't mentioned what version of windows on the new laptop, weather it 64 bit or 32 bit.....

also now when i installed my cs5 on my win7 64 bit , it installed both the 32 bit version and 64 bit version that may be important to you....

some older plugin with not work with the 64 bit ps cs5..... how ever they will work in the vast majority cases with that pscs5 32 bit ......

I have a couple of plugins i can only use on my 32 pscs5 version..... and not on my other 64 bit pscs5 ..
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