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Rectangle tool problem in CS4

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Jan 13th 2012#211988 Report
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Hi Guys

I've had a good search around and can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem (it's probably something ridiculously simple!)...

I've been using my Photoshop CS4 for some time now, but recently my rectangle tool (and other shapes too, like ellipse and rounded etc) has stopped working. When you draw, it is grey and won't save. It's moveable and performs in every other respect as normal, but won't change colour from grey and doesn't show up on any document when you save. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Jan 13th 2012#211989 Report
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not sure what you mean by it won't save.. don't know what exactly your doing...
i was able to make a rectgular file and then saved it to jpg and of course to psd... no problems there on my end.....
now there at the top you have 3 symbols shape layers you will get a mask layer.
fill pixal you just get the path and no fill color, and the third you get just the fill on the same layer your working on (no seperate layer..) so maybe you need to check which one you got click ...

now when you make it you should see new mask layer created above the layer you were working on ...

now on the fill color , the fill color is dependent on what color you have chose in the forground pallet.. so just go to your "set forground color" and just change to the color you want and then use the retangular tool ..

one final thought... when you have one those tools select check at the top all little setting associated with that tool to make sure there correct
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