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Is this pic PSed

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Jan 11th 2012#211824 Report
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Your opinion please
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Jan 11th 2012#211832 Report
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hi ,
to me it obvious that the image has been modified..
what are the indicators...
1. the rifle is way to sharp for the rest of the image.... in fact look at stock end and that fame that right next to... the frame edges is blurry and the stock isn't, it way too sharp.. ...!! and were looking at the same distance....
2. on the right side... the guys hand is a strong red.......

3. look at the foot of the gun leg.... the angle all wrong ...
4. surprised there no shadows....
5. also on the side of the gun stock it looks like there a tint of red and they missed a couple of spot where they maybe were using a brush to paint in.... I don't think see red there to begin with considering the angle of the lighting plus there only that tin on half the gun....
6. and the table... the angle doesn't look right... it seems it at a angle that different from the other table .. and yet supposidly the tableis butting against the other table..

anyway those are my thoughts
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Jan 11th 2012#211834 Report
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