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Vector Tools

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Jan 9th 2012#211713 Report
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1st off let me say hello, I'm new the forums :D

2nd, I'm in need of a little help, I'm a college student at the International Academy Of Design and Technology in Seattle Washington, and i missed one of my classes last week about Vector Tools, and i have to do a little project about, Here is what it says in my Student Portal.

- PPT - Vector and Bitmap on Class Content
- Book - Chapter 8

Create an illustration using only the vector art tools in Photoshop.
Subject matter can be anything you want.
Include a few bitmap layers with shapes created with the paths tools.... don't delete your paths[/code]

I'm not asking you guys to do my Homework for me, I'm askin' if anyone can explain to me, What the Vector Tools do
I read Chapter 8 and i'm still cluster-****ed at what it does
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Jan 9th 2012#211721 Report
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it a challenge to come up a logical discriptions.... the link below gives a overview.. what vector tool/vector paths and how thee used..

but basically vector tools are used to create vector paths..
now thes tools are your pen tools and your customs shapes ...

now these vectors tools by tracing out complicated outlines or specific lines or illustrations type lines.... and once you have the path you can then strok those paths ...

or you can convert the path to a selection.... and do things with it... like trace a car and then convert to a selection and then you can fill in with color if desired...

now another vector type tool is your custom shapes.. these are pre builts vector paths in various shapes....

one example is use the pen tool to outline a car, and once you have the paths done, then stroke the paths with the pencil brush (choice of color) ..

wasn't prepared to give a lecture... so my explanation a little erattic but hopefully enough to get you started , especially tutorial that link lead to....
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