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Care Bears - Tummy

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Apr 27th 2011#204794 Report
Member since: Apr 27th 2011
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Hello guys,

I'm going to make some t-shirts that will imitate the body of our lovely care bears! :P

Here's an example of a care bear (for those that don't know them):

I just have a problem.. In the front, I'll to have to "paint" the tummy and the simbol... I just don't know very well how to imitate the tummy effect, with the hair, probably some shadows, etc... Can you guys give me some advice?

Thank you for attention
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Apr 27th 2011#204799 Report
Member since: Apr 27th 2011
Posts: 2
Here's an better example:

I want something similar to that, but the the white part of the tummy, I would like to have it bigger and with more details, like for the example, the hairs.
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