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Help with putting more than one image on a page

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Oct 22nd 2010#200564 Report
Member since: Oct 22nd 2010
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How do I do what should be, the simple task of placing a few images on one page in photoshop?

I have been trying for ages and am getting so frustrated! :(

All I want to do is place say 8 images on one a4 page either side-by-side or slightly overlapping.

I’ve tried creating a background then creating a new layer and copying and pasting an image onto the layer but when the image is pasted on the page it appears tiny (even if the image size is 12 cm) and then if I do that with a few images, it creates each one on a new layer.

I want to know how to make them appear on the page their actual size and how to bring them all together?

I’ve tried file and place but this wont let me do anything with jpegs as it doenst show them – it only shows ‘parsable files’ so it will let me place a pdf but not a jpeg which is no help at all.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Im using photoshop 7.0.1

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Oct 22nd 2010#200573 Report
Member since: Oct 22nd 2010
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You mean make a like a collage, with numerous images all in one page?

How can that be a problem? Import all the separate images in Ps & then make a new document of A4 size. Then just drag & drop the separate images one by one onto the A4 sized document. Each will form its own separate layer. Set & resize according to your wish. Then save a .jpeg of it. The images will have each image you imported all on a single page.

Is this what you wanted?
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Mar 6th 2011#203533 Report
Member since: Apr 27th 2010
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Dear if the size is less then there is no problem and we say say that you may drop the links or there is another option you can also put the google link of that image because that image would also be stored in google memory just paste the link in forum as well
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