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printing accurate colors made in photoshop?

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Aug 19th 2010#199983 Report
Member since: Aug 19th 2010
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Trying to do a homework assignment for a color theory class, so the colors need to be right... just normal primary and secondary colors. I just want to print on a nice sheet of heavier paper, probably on a printer from Kinkos.

With the color settings I have on, the colors on my screen don't look quite right... My settings are:

color profile - sheetfed Uncoated v2
color libray - Pantone solid uncoated

Am I even on the right track? Any suggestions on what settings I should be using?
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Aug 19th 2010#199989 Report
Member since: Apr 4th 2009
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I have just read your question & there is a lot more to getting the printout to match what you see on screen, 1st is your monitor properly calibrated? if not start with calibrating your screen.

i have not got much time at present but i will post later on how you should set up when printing. providing no one else beats me to it.
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Aug 19th 2010#199992 Report
Member since: Apr 4th 2009
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Ok so this may help, first of all colour management is complicated & therefore i will only be going into the basics as unfortunately i do not have the time for a full run down, i hope i get it right & apologies for anything i do not put forward, if there is anyone who wants to add to this or even say i would do this instead please do.

So after calibrating your monitor, go to edit colour settings & in the box do the following:

Settings (depending on where you are in the world you will need to alter this to the correct setting i.e. i use europe prepress 2 as i am in europe.

Next: RGB to either SRGB or Adobe RGB 1998

Next: CMYK to coated FOGRA27 Gray Dot Grain 15% Spot Dot Grain 15%

Next: Color Management Policies, CMYK & Gray RGB all to Preserve Embedded Profiles.

Tick Use black point compensation & use Dither 8 bit

Also tick in Color management, ask when opening - pasting - missing profiles when opening

when printing make sure your paper matches the correct profile & always let P/S manage the colours not your printer.

when printing it is best that your image is 300dpi for best results

i hope this helps, i know i may have missed something.

i hope
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