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need help with an effect

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Jul 14th 2010#199398 Report
Member since: Jul 14th 2010
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can someone please tell me how to do this effect?
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Jul 14th 2010#199401 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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Jul 15th 2010#199413 Report
Member since: Sep 11th 2007
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it always difficult to try to determine how someone else did something....

with this image...

one way to get a similar effect.... and depends on the image your working with...

the main tool is the graphic pen filter...

a. duplicate orginal
b. do your adjustments ie; curves, contrast and hilight saturation..etc..
c. duplicte that (or use smart objects....
d. now at this pint you can go straight to the grahic pen effect, that will give you the slanted lines... or what ever angle you want....
e. you will get a black and white... but then adjust the opacity....

you may want to look at this tutorial on the graphic pen filter..
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Jul 16th 2010#199414 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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would be good to know what program you would be using also
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