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How would I select this sky?

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May 17th 2010#198926 Report
Member since: May 17th 2010
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I know it's probably something really simple but I've looked all through my photoshop folder and I just can't find anything. I am wanting to replace the sky with a nicer one.
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May 17th 2010#198929 Report
Member since: May 17th 2010
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Rather than replace the sky why don't you give it some 'punch' and it would look very dramatic. You have a lot of detail / info in those clouds.
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Jun 2nd 2010#199027 Report
Member since: May 29th 2010
Posts: 3
The best way to select the sky would be to use a mask. Then use the load channel as selection button on the channel tab.

Then replace the sky. Here are some ideas.

50 Photoshop tutorials for sky and space

I hope this helps. Take care
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