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hi guys-Need help!!

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Jul 7th 2009#198003 Report
Member since: Jul 2nd 2009
Posts: 11
I an a newcomer in the world of photoshop and i want to learn about
the vector image and all its concepts and i also want which helps me better photoshop or corel?

thankx in advance!
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Jul 7th 2009#198004 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2009
Posts: 3
Well, i started working in Photoshop CS3 about 4 months ago. For vector images si Illustrator, for raster ones (not vector, the one that are losing resolution if u make them bigger) is Photoshop. Corel too has some great effects for pictures, but i mostly use Photoshop.

What u r most interested it? To make logos/banners, draw, design website and WordPress template?
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