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Help with an unknown semi-transparent layer!

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Jun 28th 2009#197856 Report
Member since: Jun 28th 2009
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I'm working on an image to print onto t-shirts for our holiday.

When I upload it into vista print it says there has been a semi-transparent layer detected which may affect the quality of printing (as they are being printed on black t-shirts - they put a layer of white behind to ensure best print quality)

The problem is I can identify what the semi-transparent part is! I've checked all layers and they are set at 100% opacity.

Here is the file if anyone can help? I don't want to order and pay for 15 of these t-shirts to find they have printed incorrectly!

Thanks in advance!
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Jun 29th 2009#197883 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2007
Posts: 56
Why not just flatten the image for printing?
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Jul 1st 2009#197889 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2009
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Why not just flatten the image for printing?

I think so..
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Jul 2nd 2009#197900 Report
Member since: Feb 22nd 2008
Posts: 85
Or, if you absolutely need the transparent background, you could merge all the layers.
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