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help with a multiple page document

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Jun 26th 2009#197832 Report
Member since: Jun 26th 2009
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I am new to the forum and new to photoshop (using cs3) so please bear with me
I am currently in the process of creating a multi page newsletter for a local organization....i have completed page one....what do i do to start page two....three etc...

thank you ...
judy k
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Jul 2nd 2009#197918 Report
Member since: Jul 1st 2009
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Hello Judy, and welcome to the forum! Ok... so you finished one page.... now just open that page and save as "page 2". Then make your minor changes for that page. You will need to save each page individually. OR you can set up the dimensions for all your pages and then crop each page individually (however I wouldn't do it this way).
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Jul 3rd 2009#197926 Report
Member since: Feb 22nd 2008
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Hi Judy... I just want to ask: is Photoshop all you have to work with? Honestly, this sounds like a job for InDesign! Still, if that's not an option, bdbolin has it right.
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