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Sub Domain

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Aug 8th 2002#63795 Report
Member since: Aug 9th 2001
Posts: 2333

My website only has 30mb (since my site is around 25k altogether) (dont laugh either..), so i don't have that much space for some of these big images...Bob, you mentioned a that still possible? If not, it's grand...i'll find a way around it.
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Aug 13th 2002#64522 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
Sorry, forgot about this :(
I made is so "we" can post attachments right in the thread. Thought that may be even easier. If you still want to go the sub domain route let me know. Or let me know if attaching them in the thread works...
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Aug 13th 2002#64524 Report
Member since: Aug 9th 2001
Posts: 2333
Attaching them in threads does work, but would that not overcrowd your forum space? I'm cool with attaching them, just once i don't have to store big-ass files on my petite site
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