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So Axiom is running Redhat 7.3

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Jun 4th 2002#51450 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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I decided to give dual booting a try. Not really pissed off at windows or anything, just time for a change.

RH 7.3 is a drastic improvement over earlier versions. Course, I still swear by my debian. Tried out the latest up2date version tonight to update my kernel and lemme tell you, building a kernel and installing it without having to touch the command line was kinda nice.

Still, to roll out a system specific kernel, I would have to download the source and build it by hand. Not a daunting task, but it can make an evening of relaxation and experimentation a nightmare.

My DSL using pppoe took a few minutes to get set up, but fortunatly, I had downloaded a decent 3rd party client to log in before installing linux. Gonna see how long I can keep the box up. Let's share our "alternative" os experience's here. No bashing of any OS will be acceptable. Just plain fun expounding on the nightmares/wetdreams using your favorite alternative OS.

Windows Users beware!
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Jun 12th 2002#52710 Report
Member since: Apr 1st 2002
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i have linux mandrake 8.1 running on my second machine, and it's probably been up for like 2 months straight, i havent touched it though.

i was going to learn alot about it, but i became lazy and just never got around to doing it. i have to get a book or take a class, i'm bad at teaching myself certain things :(

i also heard freebsd is awesome. i tried installing it one day to dual boot with windows, but the damn installation was reading the cd or the hd, so i tried formatting another partition i was going to use for it, and since freebsd didnt give the name of it or the proper amount of space, i accidentally formatted my entire 40gb hard drive which was FULL, so i lost it all which sucked, but i was able to get the important files back with get data back. i might try installing freebsd onmy linux machine one day and see how it comes out, but never again will i partition my hard drive and try and install it, if i was going to dual boot, i would buy an entire brand new HD just for it so i don't get anything mised up again.

thats my alternative OS experience :D
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