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Vista to Windows7

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Jan 7th 2011#202196 Report
Member since: Jan 7th 2011
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I am currently using Vista64 unfortuantly, and reluctant about getting the new windows7 , because the performance of vista was so disapointing, and was a resource hog, is windows 7 64 bit that much better?
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Jan 14th 2011#202444 Report
Member since: Jan 13th 2011
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I would say Windows 7 is a better choice. Most people find that Vista has too much of protection for their liking and Microsoft had to release a service pack for it just an year after its release. Sometimes Vista has security issues too despite it’s over protection. It allows viruses to infect easily and Vista’s built-in security is a headache sometimes. Windows 7 is more stable and user-friendly. If you are open to option, I would strongly recommend Windows XP which is the more superior OS.

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